POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 27)


Bitcoin rocked back & forth overnight, but looks steady here and unchanged over 24h period, trading $47400. ETH is much the same, trading $1450. No standout movers, everything in Pokket universe within +/-7% range.

Stonks and boonds are risk-off, which some argue were triggerd by crypto knock-on effect (logic goes, Ark/TSLA invests in BTC, BTC selloff, Ark/TSLA stonk sell off).

Its been a week of NFT headlines, ending with even mass media covering Beeple as he collected a cool $3.5M for his NFT art. Dapper Labs CEO is backing a platform for loaning out NFTs called NFTfi, a P2P platform.

DeFi TVL hanging around $35.7B.

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