POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 25)


Bitcoin is hanging around $50k, going back & forth but looking steady. ETH is is trading $1650, also steady +1.5%. Mover is only VALUE +8%, others are within +/-5% range in Pokket universe.

Everyone having a field day as the Fed Wire goes down due to an internal operational error, just as Bitcoin continues to hum along with 99.986% uptime since inception.

A Dubai private equity firm is going to invest $4.8B of BTC in Miami, furthering Mayor Suarez’s agenda to make Miami a cryptohub. More VC money claws its way into crypto as the latest news is a16z dropped $25M into Optimism, a scaling stack for ETH launching next month; Synthetix & Uniswap already on beta testnet.

DeFi TVL has taken a hit over the past few days, although is still strong at $38B.

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