POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 24)


Bitcoin went through a correction late last night and didn’t really recover overnight, -10% over 24hr period and now trading $48675. ETH followed close behind, now -11.6% to $1570.

Movers are EVX OAX WABI POWR -25%, DLT RSR BRD OGN -24%, and the rest follow, with only SRM +17% and crushing it.

Headline of the day is Bitfinex’s settlement with the NYAG of their Tether probe, reaching an agreement of $18.5M fine, no admission of wrong doing and a promise to report USD balances for two years.

Elon Musk giving Peter Schiff theΒ πŸ†Β after Peter’s usual tweets following any Bitcoin correction. Janet was Yellen’ again about how Bitcoin is ineffi… actually who cares. Square buys another $170M in Bitcoin.

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