POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 20)


Bitcoin ripping further up, +7% over 24hr period and trading $55500. Another all time high. Bitcoin is now $1T in market cap, 10% of Gold’s market cap. ETH is hanging tight at $1935, eyeing the $2k ceiling while everyone waits for alt season again. Movers are HT +27%, LEO +14%, MATIC +9%, rest are relaxed.

Elon at it again, enjoying the returns TSLA has made on the BTC investment made earlier this month, already usurping earnings from 2019. He has re-started the laser-eyes movement in twitter, changing his profile pic to an anime girl adorned in BTC attire and laser eyes (feels good typing this).

Michael Burry is on the horn thinking out loud on governments might “move to squash” Bitcoin & Gold.

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