POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 18)


Bitcoin is +6% after obliterating the $50k ceiling with ETH following close behind +3% to $1840. Movers are BNT +20%, HOT +19%, DLT +16%, DOCK +15%, OAX +13%, while rest are within 10% range in the Pokket universe.

Michael (Chad) Saylor is raising $900M in 0% CBs to HODL more Bitcoin – speculation is he knows the upcoming influx of more publicly listed companies doing the same so he is ‘front-running’. MicroStrategy might be the best Bitcoin ETF to exist.

The Motley Fool is wising up and is now advising readers to HODL Bitcoin, seeing 10x in 15yrs. BlackRock is also dabbling in Bitcoin, says its CIO in a CNBC interview.

Coinbase, who helped Tesla buy their $1.5B BTC bag, is readying for its public listing, reaching $77B in Nasdaq private market valuations.

Jack Dorsey partners with Black Bitcoin Millionaires group on Clubhouse, in an effort to convert more people into Bitcoin via CashApp.

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