POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 17)


Bitcoin briefly surpassed $50,000 last night but stable overall, now at $49400. ETH also stable at $1775. Movers are EVX +21%, SNM +19%, REN +15%, DENT OAX +11%, and the rest are relaxed in Pokket universe.

St. Louis FRB president Jim Bullard went on CNBC yesterday to say Bitcoin is more comparable to gold and is not a major competitor to the all-mighty-dollar. Evolve, the first to file for a Bitcoin ETF in the US, has become the second approved ETF in Canada.

NFTs continue to infiltrate as the latest boomer to move in is Christie’s, who is helping to auction Beeple’s art; bidding starts 25Feb. According to BNP, NFT volume in 2020 was $250M, which has been surpassed already this year with $338M so far.

DeFi TVL steady at $39B.

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