POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 16)


Bitcoin stable here around $48250 along with ETH at $1800. Movers are SUSHI +16%, POWR +14%, DENT -12% in Pokket universe.

After yesterday’s healthy purge, DeFi TVL sits just shy of $40B, with total DeFi market cap sitting at 5.3% of the overall crypto market cap.

Uniswap has hit $100B in trading volume to date. Meanwhile, boomer Bitcoin market-making firm GSR hires a former Goldman MD as CEO. WBTC market cap is $6B, just under 1% of total BTC market cap, which means there is still tons of headroom to catch-up to market-makers.

In traditional markets SPX FAANGs Gold DXY all zzzz. Japanese stonks made waves as the Nikkei crossed 30k for the first time; congrats to the BOJ which owns over 90% of Japan’s ETFs, and ~10% of the entire market cap.

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