POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 15)


Bitcoin is fighting to cross the $50k hurdle but failed to do so over the wknd, now trading $49000 +4%. ETH is hanging at $1820, unchanged from yesterday. Movers are PNT +16%, SOC +14%, BRD +10%, SXP RSR -13%, OMG -12%, WABI MATIC -10%.

Mainstream adoption of Bitcoin is happening right before our very eyes. In a podcast, Mark Cuban ‘predicted’ blockchain is the new internet; he’s late but at least waking up.

BNY Mellon’s support for Bitcoin is pulling lots of boomers out of the woodworks as they call this a ‘tipping point’. Morgan Stanley felt lonely and wanted to get into the headlines saying they are considering Bitcoin investments.

Bitcoin flexes its power as Russia’s opposition leader received 658 BTC ($32M) to go after Putin.

In a score for NFTs, Dapper Labs, the firm behind Crypto Kitties and NBA Top Shot, have raised a whopping $250M at a $2B valuation.

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