POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 14)


Bitcoin is resilient this weekend, trading in the $46-48k range and looking unchanged. ETH is much the same, now trading $1815. Movers are OMG +26%, POLY 18%, BQX +16%, MANA NMR +14% and rest mostly following, DENT -11% only standout on downside.

TradFi continues to move into Bitcoin, with the latest boomers to join the crowd BNY Mellon and Deutsche Bank, both starting with custody services. Deutsche is taking it one step further with prime brokerage and trading planned.

Another DeFi attack on an Andre Cronje project, this time CREAM, with $37M siphoned and causing the CREAM token to drop from ~$300 to now $225. Despite this, DeFi TVL still remains at around $40.4B as of now.

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