POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 13)


Bitcoin relaxed, sitting at $47750 while ETH +3.8% to $1850 as alts make a roar back. Movers are BQX +43%, AST +25%, WABI +19%, RSR +18%, EVX DLT CHZ +16%, and rest follow in Pokket universe, with only DENT -16% correcting after a massive day.

JPMorgan’s COO said the bank would get involved in Bitcoin if there’s enough demand, adding if BTC became widespread they’d really have no choice but to accept.

Frontpage of FT Weekend edition has a splash of Elon and Bitcoin, asking “‘Digital tulip’ or new asset class? Bitcoin bid to go mainstream”; once a similar cover is printed in Barons’s or Fortune, historically its been near a top.

Nassim Taleb announces he dumped his Bitcoin bags, citing volatility and lack of real price discovery – this is a 180-reversal of his pro-crypto rhetoric just last year.

DeFi TVL smashes through $40B and sits at $41.1B.

In traditional markets SPX +0.5%, FAANGs, Gold, Silver, DXY, USDJPY all zzzzzzz. Stimulus!

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