POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (March 10)


Bitcoin finding a new psychological ceiling at $55k, as it trades higher +3.8% from last night. ETH is holding steady at $1825 after officially announcing the Berlin hardfork date to mid-April.

Movers are MATIC +36%, DOCK +34%, CHZ +20%, SNM +19%, MANA APPC +15%, and most of the Pokket universe is up.

Blockchain.com, who just raised $120M, experienced an outage which impacted a large user base.

US lawmakers are to introduce a bill to clarify crypto regulations, more specifically when it is the SEC’s job to step in and when it is CFTC’s job. Within a year, a group of lawmakers and representatives from fin-tech and crypto will produce a report on the current laws and landscape.

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