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POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 15)

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Bitcoin is +4.4% to $47k, ETH is +3.5% to $3415. Movers are TRU +26%, CRV +24%, CELR +22%, REN +21%, AAVE +18%, SUSHI COMP +16%, UNI +13%, PNT +12%, LINK +11%, ALPHA POND YFII +10%, FTM SRM -10%, AST -9%.

Bitcoin Core devs have announced the release of the 22nd version of the client, the first major release to support the upcoming Taproot protocol upgrade, expected to activate in November. Taproot expands Bitcoin’s smart contract flexibility while enhancing its scalability and privacy.

Solana devs are ‘all hands on deck’ as an unknown bug stops block production, the second incident of mainnet instability in two weeks.

President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador said more than 500k people are using the government’s Bitcoin wallet, out of a population of 6.5M people.

Google Cloud announced it will join forces with Dapper Labs to support and scale Dapper’s Flow blockchain.

Steve Cohen is going to invest in a new crypto quant trading firm Radkl, which is focused on purely digital assets.

Apple has blocked Gnosis Safe from the App Store over NFTs.

Lastly, Infura has released a new tool to prevent overpayment of transition fees.

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