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POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 14)

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Bitcoin is softer -1.7% to $45.3k, ETH is -2.1% to $3320. Movers are POLY +19%, SNX +13%, LIT +12%, POND -15%, CELR -13%, INJ -12%, OCEAN LINA -10%, GRT -9%.

Coinbase is going to sell $1.5B of 7yr and 10yr debt in a private offering, with rates and covenants yet to be determined.

The legal advisor to President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador has said the country will exempt foreign investors from tax on profits on Bitcoin investments.

MicroStrategy has acquired an additional 5,050 BTC, about $250M, to bring its total hodlings to 114,042 BTC, worth $5.1B which is a 42% gain since initiation.

Arbitrum TVL has skyrocketed over the weekend, going from $240M to $2.2B as 76 projects have now integrated the second-layer solution; but we all know most just want to farm the NYAN token.

Steve Cohen helped NFT startup Recur raise $50M in a Series-A round, a company which will focus on branded crypto collectibles and is now valued at $333M.

Lastly, by now everyone knows about the fake Walmart and Litecoin integration news, which saw the coin shoot up +35% and fall right back down. Don’t believe everything you read in the news, including this here daily summary!

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