POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Nov 11)

cryptocurrency news

24-Hour Crypto Prices:

BTC – $65,069.90 -3.3% πŸ“‰

ETH – $4,625.83 -2.4% πŸ“‰

BNB – $619.07 -2.2% πŸ“‰

LINK – $34.17 +0.6% πŸ“ˆ

Matic – $1.71 -6.1% πŸ“‰

FTM – $2.62 -7.2% πŸ“‰

NFT artist Beeple sells his first hybrid physical and digital NFT for $28.9 million. HUMAN ONE is a 3D moving sculpture depicting a person in a spacesuit walking across multiple environments. The art piece is connected to a deed of ownership issued on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Huobi Global will be halting services for all Singapore-based users. Users should close active positions and withdraw all cryptocurrencies before March 31, 2022. Huobi Global is closing accounts in order to comply with financial regulations. It is expected that a new entity, Huobi Singapore will launch in the country this year.

Switzerland’s biggest BTC broker Bitcoin Suisse has added the Lightning Network to improve Bitcoin transactions. With the adoption of the Lightning Network, Bitcoin Suisse users will have faster transactions with lower blockchain costs.

CityCoins is launching NYCCoin mining to the approval of NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams. β€œWe’re glad to welcome you to the global home of Web3! We’re counting on tech and innovation to help drive our city forward,” tweeted Eric Adams.

If the City of New York partners with CityCoins they will receive access to 30% of all NYCCoin mining rewards.

NFTs continue popping up in non-tech spaces. Rolling Stone magazine has entered the NFT market with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) covers. One week after debuting the physical copy of the BAYC x Rolling Stone collaboration cover, Rolling Stone has begun selling digital magazine covers on SuperRare. 

The 55th annual Country Music Awards will drop an NFT collection available on November 12. Purchasing a CMA NFT will give buyers exclusive access to CMA rewards, events and future NFTs.

1inch Network Co-founder Anton Bukov believes DeFi will grow massively over the next three to five years. Bukov noted that DEXes will continue to dominate based on a few conditions, β€œDEXes and blockchain protocols have to perform 100 times faster than they do now. Users need to understand the core concept of the technology. User journeys have to shorten down and become friendlier to beginners.”

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