POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 18)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is +3.0% to $44900 after dropping to as low as $42000, while Ethereum took a larger hit to below $3200 levels and now trading +3.1% at $3400. Movers are AAVE +12%, SNX +10%, NMR -15%, GTO -11%, OXT DENT UMA -10%, and rest follow lower in Pokket listed tokens.

$COIN continues its trek lower from its listing price, down another -4% as it looks to raise $1.25B in CBs just 1mth after going public.

TSLA is holding up as its only down -2% as its revealed Michael Burry bought a massive position in puts.

David Portnoy is now pumping SAFEMOON, another meme coin on BSC protocol, which is now $4.5B in market cap. @WSBChairman on Twitter is calling Portnoy out, saying ‘You just supported the biggest scam in the entire crypto space’.

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