POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Dec 6)

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24-Hour Crypto Prices:

BTC – $48,413.15 -1.6% πŸ“‰

ETH – $4,106.42 -0.2% πŸ“‰

BNB – $538.28 -3.6% πŸ“‰

SOL – $188.99 -3.5% πŸ“‰

AVAX – $81.65 -8.9% πŸ“‰

Top Crypto Gainers:

ALGO – $1.77 +7.6% πŸ“ˆ

DCR – $93.24 +4.8% πŸ“ˆ

STX – $2.26 +4.5% πŸ“ˆ

Top Crypto Losers:

ATOM – $23.56 -14.8% πŸ“‰

SAND – $5.05 -13.7% πŸ“‰

FTM – $1.44 -13.5% πŸ“‰

Bitcoin dips 17% in roughly an hour. Across the crypto markets, some cryptocurrencies fell up to 20% on Saturday. The crash dropped the market to its lowest point since late September.

Bitmart hacked nearly $200MM with a mix of over 20 cryptocurrencies. In a security breach on Saturday night, the hackers took Ethereum tokens worth $100 million and BSC tokens worth $96 million. The hacker used 1inch to swap stolen assets for ETH and then deposited ETH into privacy mixer Tornado Cash.

At the β€œCrypto Economy Forum for TradFi Investors” event, JPMorgan gifted NFTs to attendees. One of the NFTs was listed on OpenSea for $1.8 million last week, but has since been lowered to $200K. 

A rounding error bug that impacted Solana projects remained unnoticed for six months. Security researchers believe that the bug in the Solana Protocol Library could have been worth $27 million an hour. Multiple projects, including yield aggregator Tulip Protocol and lending protocols Solend and Larix were affected, but have fixed the bug since being contacted by researchers at Neodyme. 

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