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Why did we make POKKET?

The majority of people holding cryptocurrencies are in it for the long run. We at POKKET believe in the future of frictionless digital assets and the limitless things we can achieve with them.

However, constant price fluctuations make it hard for crypto holders to keep holding their assets. But we don’t want to sell because FOMO! There are products on the market that offers interest earnings by lending your crypto assets. But interest rate offered on these crypto lending platforms are low and has limited variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from. What about my altcoins?

That is why we decided to create POKKET, an interest earning digital assets savings account, that earns high interest and has tons of tokens to earn interest on. We utilized our decades of traditional financial industry knowledge and mixed it with the technology advancements of cryptocurrencies. And voila, after 2 years of hard work, now everyone can take advantage of market volatility and earn interest returns, while still holding on to their crypto assets.