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FAQ/Introduction/How it works/What are the interest rates?

What are the interest rates?

All displayed rates for the Structured Saving products are the interest return you will receive for one-week savings. As for the interest rates for the Simple Saving product, it is shown as inferred annual percentage yield, or APY, as a standardized way to compare our rates with other platforms on the market. Similar to other platforms, the APY calculation includes compounded interest earnings, and can be higher than a simple annualized interest rate, or APR (annual percentage rate).

Our interest rates are calculated daily at settlement time (07:00 UTC), and is fixed for the duration of the savings you've created. All rates displayed are net figures and we don’t charge you fee for the savings you create.

We use advanced financial instruments to earn you the interest rates and that’s why the interest rate on our tokens are much higher than elsewhere. Depending on market volatility, our rates historically have been ranging between 0.5-450% per annum, with 30% on average. The more market moves, the higher our interest rates and vice versa. It's a great way for our customers to take advantage of the market volatility!