Who we are
Why Pokket?

POKKET is created by financial, software, and website development experts who love new ways of doing things. You get the complexity of cryptocurrency but through the simplified format of traditional finance. We have over 100 years of experience combined amongst our team, ensuring you put your assets in the best hands possible.
With POKKET you can earn interest returns on your crypto assets. We have various products to earn passive returns, including a simple crypto lending product and new types of structured products that earn more interest during volatile periods of the market.

With our innovative approach mixing traditional financial instruments with crypto, we are able to offer higher interest rates, wider selection of tokens, and easier to start compared to our peers in the market.

We have customers from all over the world, including retail and institutional crypto investors, entrusting us with their crypto holdings. We have paid over $1M in interest to our customers so far with an average annualized interest of 80% (APY).

We started this service on June 2019 and our company is registered at Seychelles. Like many of the companies in the industry, we don't have a centralized HQ but we are based in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Ulaanbaatar.

Our mission
Your Future

Our mission is to create an open financial system for the world.
One that brings about more economic freedom, innovation, efficiency, and equality of opportunity in the world. We want you to have control of your digital assets without fear of a middleman taking your money from you. Our ten-year plan is in place to give you the future of finance you’ve been dreaming of.

#We aim to make every payment or withdrawal you make as fast, cheap, and global as sending an email.
#Our product is designed for customers to use all over the world from day one.
#With just a smartphone, we want everyone to have access to the same financial services regardless of where they live.

POKKET's new and innovative high yield crypto savings account products will be a great equalizer and has the potential to accelerate the pace of innovation around the world. The world as we know it and how finances are dealt with will change dramatically.

Our Vision
Why we created POKKET

The majority of people holding cryptocurrencies are in it for the long run. We at POKKET believe in the future of frictionless digital assets and the limitless things we can achieve with them. But we didn't just want to HODL and wait. We wanted to earn more with our cryptos. But we were unsatisfied with the crypto yield products being offered on the market.

That is why we decided to create POKKET, an interest earning digital assets savings account, that earns high interest and has tons of tokens to earn interest on. We utilized our decades of traditional financial industry knowledge and mixed it with the technology advancements of cryptocurrencies.

Our high yield crypto savings account is made for those who don’t want to invest in cryptocurrencies only for the value appreciation. People who buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, Binance Coin, Uniswap and other altcoins see these assets as becoming the forefront of the financial world. So our savings account provides the largest variety of coins where we offer interest earnings in exchange for lending their tokens.

We are the users of our own platform and we want to contribute to the development of the crypto space through our crypto savings account platform POKKET.

Our Team

POKKET is created by financial, software, and website development experts who love new ways of doing things. The founding team at POKKET consists of world-class professionals hailing from the likes of Citigroup, GE, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft and Nomura. We have over 100 years of experience combined amongst our team, ensuring you put your assets in the best hands possible.
Bill Dashdorj
Co-founder & Advisor
Mikio Crosby
Co-founder & Advisor
Wei Zhu
Co-founder & Advisor
Co-founder & Advisor – Bill
Bill has over a decade of experience in finance and investment banking at Nomura Securities in Tokyo, Provenance Investment Management in London, and more recently Golomt Capital in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He holds an MBA degree from London Business School.
Co-founder & Advisor – Mikio
Mikio has a decade of experience trading and marketing equity and other derivatives at Citigroup, Nomura Securities, and BlueMountain Capital out of Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong. Most recently he helped run a boutique family office out of Asia.
Co-founder & Advisor – Wei
Wei is an entrepreneur and investor in Fintech who seeks to bring innovative and efficient solutions to real world applications. Wei has a background in technology and finance, and is running a Fintech consultancy for the past three years. Before that, he spent over 10 years at Morgan Stanley and has been a CFA charter holder since 2011.
Architect & Development Lead – Edward
Edward first worked at Microsoft to provide front-end solutions for six years. Following this, he joined DNV-GL as senior developer for structure and hydrodynamic analysis. The past four years he has been designing & architecting trading systems for hedge funds.
Wallet & Blockchain Development Lead – Ada
Ada has over 13 years of experience in developing enterprise and trading system at General Electric and Morgan Stanley, specializing in infrastructure component development based on .Net.
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