What is “Audit Wallet”?

In risk trading, Pokket wants to ensure that the assets are 100% secure and also bring higher returns to our users, so the mechanism of “Audit Wallet” came into being.

First, we need to understand why Pokket can pay users such high interest. It is because we work with trusted third parties in risk trading. They not only have decades of trading experience and are familiar with the trading environment of major digital currency exchanges, but also have excellent trading tools and strategies to back them up.

Although Pokket and third-party trading teams have built a foundation of trust in previous cooperation, the third party finally chose “pledge” to guarantee all funds paid by Pokket, in order to ensure that users’ fixed deposit funds get the most stable returns in the risk market. In other words, when we lend fixed deposit funds to a third party, they must also transfer TUSD in equivalent to 110% of the principal plus interest to Pokket as collateral for the loan. The transfer takes place at 07:00:00 UTC, the daily settlement node, and the tokens fixed deposited in the previous 24h settlement period will get a one-time excess pledge guarantee.

Pokket keeps the pledged currency in a separate cold wallet. Except for extra 10% amount of TUSD which might be returned to the users, when the upper limit is triggered on settlement. The rest will all be stored as backup funds.

Even if the market is in crisis and the third party is unable to return the invested tokens, all TUSD preserved as collateral will be liquidated and returned to the user in full amount as the accumulated principal and interest during the term of the fixed deposit.

The address of “Audit Wallet” is public, and everyone can find and supervise the transactions and accounts on the homepage of our official website.

Our mission is to ensure that all tokens and funds are 100% guaranteed at all times.

For Pokket users, every time you fixed deposit tokens of value equivalent to $1 TUSD in Pokket, $1.10 TUSD plus interest will be set aside in a separate auditable cold wallet as collateral. In this way, all your funds are guaranteed at all times.

You can view the total amount of TUSD collateral currently available for your fixed deposit under the “Fixed Deposits” tab in your account. Audit the relevant amount at any time without worrying about the transaction risk of the fixed deposited tokens.

As for why Pokket uses TUSD as collateral currency, it’s because it is issued by reputable institutions with bank accounts audited for compliance. Although Pokket is unable to guarantee fair price of TUSD, we actively seek the best stable currency as collateral currency. For more information about TUSD, please visit the website of TrueUSD.

At Pokket, the safety of client assets is always our NO.1 priority. “Audit Wallet” is one of the most brilliant and effective tool for supervision. We welcome your supervision at any time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at help@pokket.com.

For more information, follow our official twitter account @PokketOfficial.