Samsung Embraces a Cryptopian Future with New App Releases

South Korean tech giant Samsung is adding over a dozen new apps to its Blockchain Keystore, bringing the total number of apps in Samsung’s DApp store to 17.

Blockchain Keystore is the name dedicated to Samsung’s online DApp store, which was launched back in March 2019. The newly-added apps span from social media app Anpan to entertainment app The Hunters.

The multinational conglomerate is one of the first large companies to develop crypto-centric products with the introduction of Galaxy S10 this year. As the latest flagship model in Samsung’s smartphone lineup, Galaxy S10 includes a cold storage cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet allows users to store Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 (Ethereum-derived) coins. It doesn’t support Bitcoin (BTC). It also supports a beauty-related cryptocurrency called Cosmo Coin. “Galaxy S10 is built with defense-grade Samsung Knox, as well as a secure storage backed by hardware, which houses your private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services,” Samsung noted.

Samsung’s flagship model managed to land on the doorsteps of crypto-junkies in several countries, thanks to the inclusion of the cryptocurrency wallet and Blockchain Keystore. However, its popularity in the crypto market is substantially weakened due to the fact that the cold storage wallet is only available in a handful of countries. Samsung’s efforts are, arguably, off to a slow start compared with major market players.

The latest addition of new apps bears testimony to Samsung’s resolution to steam ahead in crypto space. Several other large companies have also shown greater intimacy toward the decentralized tech. In June, Apple released a ‘CryptoKit’ for iOS 13, indicating adoption may not be far off for the Cupertino giant. Early last month, LG trademarked “ThinQ Wallet,” a product that market insiders believe is the foundation for a crypto wallet and ecosystem.

While Samsung’s crypto wallet only supports Ethereum and ERC20 Tokens at the moment, POKKET currently boasts 30+ token support, and more are on the way. For more information, Follow us🌏🔗