POKKET Weekly News: The Week In Crypto (29 Jun–5 Jul)

Bitcoin volatility declined further this week, to its lowest level in more than a year. Prices moved between a narrow band of $9,000 – $9,300 throughout the week, with a thin volume also at its lowest in a year.

We’ve added Chinese language on our platform this week. You can now choose between English and Chinese from the top right menu.

In other news, a man recently raised $20,000 on Ethereum by tokenizing himself. Now he wants his investors to vote on his life choices. 

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Here are this week’s highlights

Ethereum Developers Delay Berlin Hard Fork to Stem Client Centralization Concerns

So many users are dependent on Ethereum client Geth that a bug could temporarily freeze the network – something blockchains aren’t supposed to do, ever. In light of this, Ethereum Core developers decided Friday to postpone work on the Berlin hard fork until at least August in an effort to give other clients a chance to increase their share of the network…

Germany Takes Over FATF Presidency With New Guidance on Crypto Standards

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has a new president as Germany took over the presidency from China. Compared to China, Germany is much more crypto-friendly; the country began regulating the industry early this year and at least 40 banks in the country have reportedly expressed interest in offering crypto services…

A ‘Significant Increase’: UK Regulator Says 2.6 Million Residents Have Bought Cryptocurrencies

The UK’s top financial regulator has conducted a survey and found a “significant increase” in the number of crypto owners and awareness of cryptocurrencies. The regulator estimates that 2.6 million people in the country have bought cryptocurrencies, most of which were from non-UK cryptocurrency exchanges…

Japan’s Central Bank to Begin Digital Yen Feasibility Pilot

The central Bank of Japan (BoJ) will conduct a controlled pilot for a central bank digital currency (CBDC) to see how a digital yen would function from a technical standpoint. The BoJ said it will begin a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) and wants to test the digital fiat in a controlled environment before deciding whether or not to proceed…

Crypto Use-Cases in Africa on the Rise, According to Luno

Earlier this year, Luno published The State of Crypto in Africa report in collaboration with Arcane Research. This was an attempt to understand where the future for crypto in Africa is headed. In this summary, we’ll highlight some of the key aspects of the research, including the catalysts for crypto adoption in Africa, obstacles to be overcome, and the latest trends…

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