POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (March 5)

Bitcoin & ETH go through a softer correction, BTC -5.7% to $47200, ETH -3.5% to $1510. Movers are CHZ +42% (NFT!!!), OGN +28%, DOCK +22%, MANA +16%, ENJ +16%, UNI POLY +13%, BQX MATIC -12% in Pokket universe.

Fed’s Powell, in a conference today, predicted an increase in consumer prices this summer, showing signs of inflation worries, and noting concern over rising bond yields. Stonks down for third day in a row, SPX -1.2%, DXY rallying to 91.6, ARKK -5.3% (insert ‘oof’ meme).

BitGo wins NY Trust charter to bring crypto to Wall Street, as the $30B Silicon Valley prime broker and custodian gears up to fight banks (or join them?).

The Dallas Mavericks are now accepting DOGE as payment as Mark Cuban goes deeper into the rabbit hole.

DeFi TVL sits at $39.5B, while Binance Smartchain’s latest DeFi project lost $31M in an alleged rug-pull.

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