POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (March 4)

Bitcoin up 5% to $50800, while ETH outperforming with +7% to $1590. Movers are ENJ +52%, POWR +46%, CHZ +31%, BAT +29%, BNT RLC +19%, SXP MANA +18%, and others follow as alts rally.

Some positive news on US this morning, as IRS has clarified US taxpayers do not have to declare Bitcoin holdings if they bought using $USD, although if purchased through stablecoin you would have to declare.

Arthur Hayes looks like he will surrender to US authorities next month in Hawaii, and in the meantime will hang in Singapore. EOS creator Dan Larimer has announced a new project, Clarion, aimed at decentralising networking to disrupt FANGs.

Brave browser has acquired Tailcat to create a private search engine to compete with Google.

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