POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (March 2)

Bitcoin & ETH are bouncing higher, both +10% as BTC is just shy of $50k, ETH at $1550. Movers are TRU +26%, SUSHI +22%, COMP +21%, DODO +20%, and the rest of the Pokket universe up. DeFi TVL sits at $38.4B.

TradFi continues to ‘how do you do, fellow kids?’ as the latest is Goldman declaring they are returning to BTC futures trading from this month. Another is a Fidelity director going on twitter saying Bitcoin could be treated as a form of digital gold and made a 12-page blog po.. I mean report saying more of the same. Visa also joining, saying 25% of Latin Americans want to pay with crypto.

Outside of boomer news, Grimes sold her NFT art for a cool $6M.

Cardano finally went through its hard-fork becoming a multi-asset blockchain; ADA is up 3x’s in Feb.

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