POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 31)

Bitcoin & ETH look unchanged on a 24hr basis, $34250 & 1370. Movers are 1INCH +25%, UNI DENT +20%, APPC +18%, CND +16%, and remaining Pokket universe following close behind.

Grayscale is now looking to launch trusts for Aave, EOS, Uniswap and other altcoins. XRP made a filing on Friday, in an effort to refute the SEC’s allegations, pointing to Bitcoin & Ethereum as examples; XRP is +39%.

DOGE is -36% after the hype dies, as it usually does on, but BQX is +70% after Voyager encouraged users to trade DOGE.

DeFi TVL continues to make new record highs, now sitting at $27.8B – worth noting FTX DeFi perps are up 3x since the beginning of January. Uniswap volumes still elevated at $3.5B per day.

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