POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 30)

Bitcoin & ETH is up 3-4% overnight. BTC touched $38600 last night after Elon’s profile changed to #bitcoin; now its hanging around $34150. This move liquidated $387M in ‘shorty’ shorts.

ETH is following, trading $1385. DOGE is up 45% fueled by Elon and the WallStreetBets crowd, along with help from influencers in the cryptwit space. Movers are GTO +12%, 1INCH +7%, EVX -8% in POKKET universe.

In response to the blackout of r/WSB stonks on Robinhood, Bittrex has made trading possible with tokenized stonks – this echoes FTX’s already listed AMC, BB, GME and NOKIA.

In traditional markets SPX -2%, FAANGs -2.2%, GME +68%🔥. DXY, Gold, USDJPY zzz.

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