POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 3)

Bitcoin rips up after smashing the latest ATH resistance, and breaking through $30k with momentum – now trading $32285, +9.9%. ETH is following close behind, trading $772.5, +5.9%.

Movers are HOT +31%, VALUE +23%, RSR +16%, OAX +11%, WABI -21%, AST -15%, SNM -12%, 1INCH BQX -10%.

35k Bitcoins left Coinbase Pro, as it is believed an institution FOMO’d in over Saturday. Seems like the weekend theme is for now ATH’s, as DeFi hits a new ATH of $15B in locked funds, Maker on top with 20% dominance.

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) space is growing, with the latest buzz around NBA licensed tokens from NBA Top Shot, with a cryptwitter trader buying $105k in Lebron moments. Additionally, MF DOOM’s masks were auctioned on NFT collectibles, after the sad news announcement the rapper passed away last Halloween.

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