POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 27)

Bitcoin & ETH looking flatish, both down +2%ish, $32000 & $1315. Movers are MATIC +36%, UNI +21%, AST SRM +16%, AKRO +15%, ENJ -10%. DeFi TVL is back to $26B, the low this month being $15B.

Its happening… Chamath has announced he is running for Governor of California, more deets at chamathforca.com.

On-ramps are making it easier to keep the fuel going with crypto as USDC is introducing a new ACH bank transfer rail for converting USD>USDC; keep in mind USDC has grown 700% in 2020.

The American Cancer Society has caught the crypto bug and has started ‘The Crypto Cancer Fund’ in partnership with The Giving Block. Harvard, Yale and Brown hedge fu… rrrr.. endowments, in a rare sign of intelligence, have been buying Bitcoin for at least a year from Coinbase directly.

In traditional markets, SPX -0.2%, FAANGs +0.8%, DXY & Gold💤 GME +93%🔥 <– Chamath bought Feb $115C in the morning, sending it.

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