POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 26)

Bitcoin is holding steady at $32500, +0.5% vs. 24hrs ago while ETH is correcting -5% to $1325. Movers are COMP -14%, MTH -13%, DOCK SNX -11%, ENJ +10%.

Shots fired at crypto from the governor of Bank of England, telling a Davos panel he didn’t think a ‘lasting digital currency’ had yet been designed. He sounds scared, almost reacting as expected by Lloyd Blankfein who said on CNBC, ‘If I were a regulator, I would be kind of hyperventilating at the success of (Bitcoin) at the moment, and I’d be arming myself to deal with it.’

Miami is quickly becoming the next disruption location, as the mayor hires a city CTO – crypto devs will now ask themselves, ‘SanFran or Miami?’ Mayor Suarez’s latest engagements include Beckham, Chamath and Musk.

In traditional finance, SPX +0.4%, FAANGs +0.8%, DXY Gold zzzz. GME +45% 🔥

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