POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 25)

Bitcoin is stable, flat over a 24hr period and trading $32050 now. ETH had a major bounce back, up 19% to $1475 and a new ATH as DeFi tokens come roaring back. Movers are UNI +31%, 1INCH AAVE +26%, COMP +22%, SNX SUSHI +19%, and rest are up, with only MANA -10%.

It is being reported $1.5B worth of ETH left exchanges this week, as some were parked into ETH 2.0, some into cold storage for funds and private hodlers.

Early CryptoPunk digital collectibles sold for a whopping $760k in ETH over the weekend, marking continued interest in NFTs.

DeFi TVL has popped and is making new highs again, now standing at $25.8B.

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