POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 24)

Bitcoin & Ethereum are fairly stable, BTC -2.5% to $31900 and ETH flat at $1235. Movers are BQX -10%, MANA +21%, LINK +14%, RLC ANT +13%, ENJ AAVE +12%, and rest following in positive motion.

Lots of bulls on cryptwit, with one of the Winklevoss twins (can never be sure which one) saying its not a matter of if, its a matter of when ETH explodes to the upside.

LINK made a new ATH of $25.50 overnight, a whisker away from overtaking XRP’s spot in market cap. Speaking of XRP, Soulja Boy tried to buy XRP on Coinbase, with frantic commenters trying to correct his ways.

Valkyrie Digital becomes the latest company to file for a Bitcoin ETF. Lastly, Jack Dorsey caves and asks crypto vets to help design the next ‘decentralised twitter’.

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