POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 2)

BTC & ETH are stable with Bitcoin touching a new high of $29600 overnight, now trading $29240. ETH is softer, -1%, trading $728. Movers are WABI +36%, DLT MTH +23%, RSR +22%, CND +21%, POLY +19%, SNM +16%, 1INCH -17%, and the rest of the Pokket universe is mostly up.

FinCEN making crypto headlines once again as it wants to amend the already audacious FBAR regulations to include virtual currency as a type of reportable account – in other words, it wants US citizens to report if they have more than $10k in crypto held with foreign entities.

Bittrex has announced they will remove privacy coins Monero, Zcash and DASH on 15Jan, in a move seen as pressure felt from US authorities on lack of KYC & AML.

Traditional markets were mostly closed for New Years.

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