POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 19)

Bitcoin look stable, +2.4% at $37200 while Ethereum jumping 12.3% to $1375. Movers are RSR +18%, YFII OMG +13%, CND BAL YFI +10%, VALUE ANT -10%, 1INCH -9%.

NVIDIA is potentially looking to re-enter the Bitcoin mining market after exiting in 2018, citing potential demand could restart GPU products for mining.

Tether has invested $1M into the very ambitious MMO game, Infinite Fleet’s STO which is raising $8M in total.

Stephen Harper, former Canadian PM, said in an interview Bitcoin is an alternative to the USD as the world’s major reserve currency.

DeFi TVL ticks up higher to $23.7B. Traditional markets were quiet for MLK holiday.

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