POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 15)

Bitcoin & ETH looking steady and grinding higher even in Asia time, $39400 & $1235. Movers are NEXO +10%, BQX +8% with the rest of the universe +/-3%.

Lots of FUD this morning, starting with Jerrrrrome Powell saying in a webinar stablecoins are a ‘high-level focus’ for the central bank. Speaking of which, Tether’s offshore bank Deltec discloses a large position in Bitcoin – rumors abound Bitfinex owns a large stake in Deltec.

$500k worth in BTC was used to fund some of the Capitol riots, claims Chainanalysis through its research – this could be fuel for MSM to trash-talk BTC. Rick & Morty fans can now buy digital art via NFTs from Justin Roiland through Nifty Gateway.

Traditional markets are lower overnight after Biden’s $1.9T stimmy headline. SPX -0.4%, FAANGs -1.5%. DXY still handing around 90, Gold stuck at $1850. 10y is 1.107%, continuing to grind higher as fixed income markets adjust to new realities.

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