POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 10)

Bitcoin is stable, looking unchanged over the past 24h now at $40585. ETH on the other hand made a new high of 1294, and is up +5.5% to 1285. Movers are APPC +48%, ZRX +28%, HOT +24%, MTH MKR +20%, AST REN DENT +17%, RLC +16%, EVX -10%.

The big story circulating yesterday was the 10% stake in MicroStrategy held by Morgan Stanley Investment Mgmt., meaning a HNW client synthetically owns $300M in BTC.

Elon Musk went on cryptwit yesterday saying he doesn’t own any DOGE, but he will never refuse being paid in Bitcoin.

Jared Dillon, editor of Daily Dirtnap, has declared he sold all his Bitcoin which he bought in Sep19.

DeFi TVL made a new ATH of $23B, with $4.4B in top spot Maker.

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