POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 9)

In an SEC filing, it has become apparent Tesla has bought $1.5B in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is up +19% trading $46350 now, carrying ETH with it which is +8% to $1750. Movers are HOT +47%, OGN +30%, DENT +24%, RSR CND +12%, BRD SXP +10%, and rest of the Pokket universe follows.

Miami’s mayor Suarez is working hard to move on bringing Bitcoin to Miami’s balance sheet; municipal Bitcoin.

wBTC hits a record trading volume of $143M on Uniswap as hodlers move assets onto Ethereum blockchain to chase yields. DeFi TVL continues higher, now at $36.4B.

RBC Capital Markets told clients in a note that Apple is poised to take advantage of the growth of crypto with wallet services, and would be less risky vs. going into EV’s.

In traditional markets SPX +0.7%, FAANGs -0.4%, DXY below 91 now, Gold zzzzzzzzzz.

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