POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 3)

Bitcoin & ETH are up 5-6%, $35500 & $1525, as ETH makes a new ATH above the $1500 level. Movers are UMA +52%, DLT +36%, DOCK +14%, OAX +13%, RSR +10%, CND OST -13% in Pokket universe.

In an r/WSB AMA, Mark Cuban stated DeFi has the potential to explode upward; indeed TVL has overnight as the figure approaches $30B, now sitting at $29.7B.

Chump change for the MicroStrategy chad-CEO, they add another $10M purchase of BTC. USDC and Dai balances on exchanges hit a record high, usually a bullish sign.

In traditional markets SPX +1.4%, FAANGs +1.3%, DXY 91, USDJPY 105(!). AMZN +1.1% after a earnings beat and major announcement of Jeff Bezos stepping back and AWS’s head to become CEO, Andy Jassy. Under his leadership, AWS introduced AWS Managed Blockchain, so perhaps this could lead to further embracement of crypto.

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