POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (February 11)

Bitcoin & ETH softer by a touch, ~-1.5% to $45150 & $1750. Movers are PNT +60%, SRM +25%, MATIC KNC DOCK +18%, CND NMR +13%, AST POLY +11%, OGN -13% in Pokket universe.

Christine Lagarde shared her wisdom with the world yesterday proclaiming it is ‘very unlikely’ central banks will hold Bitcoin.

Matercard announces they will start support for cryptocurrency payments sometime this year.

Deutsche Telekom is now one of the main data providers to Chainlink, and has begun staking on the Flow Network (!) and has plans to stake on other chains.

Elon continues to pump Doge, +5% to 7cents, as if its the exit strategy for Tesla.

DeFi TVL continues to smash records, making new highs of $38.5B as of this morning.

In traditional markets SPX, FAANGs, Gold, DXY, zzzzz.

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