POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (December 25)

Bitcoin & ETH are stable, $23500 & $607. Movers are GOT +19%, ENJ +15%, SXP YFI +13%, APPC DLT BAT +12%, ZRX +10%, UOP -11%.

BlackRock, which was ~$8T under management, is looking for a blockchain VP who can ‘devise fundamental valuation methodologies’ for cryptocurrencies. Ripple continues to get heat, as now pressures mount on Coinbase to delist XRP given they are seeking approval from SEC for their IPO. Tierion was ordered to payback investors $25M in ICO funds from its TNT token sale, as the regulators say they violated securities laws.

Traditional markets were quiet on xmas eve, SPX +0.4%, FAANGs +0.2%. VIX down a touch to 24.6v, DXY stuck at 90.3 and gold $1880. Brexit looks to be finalised, although FX not moving, EURUSD at 1.2179.

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