POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (March 31)

Bitcoin & ETH are flat, BTC flirted with $60k overnight but didn’t cross the line, trading $58900 & $1845 now. Movers are GTO +53%, HOT +44%, POWR +23%, ZRX +20%, MTH +19%, WABI -13% in Pokket listed tokens.

PayPal announced their Checkout service will allow BTC, ETH and LTC to be seamlessly converted into USD or other fiat when making purchases and be available to 29M merchants.

Galaxy Digital perpares for a US listing by end of year, as their AUM rose to $800M from $400 YoY. Coinbase has hired Brett Redfearn, an ex-SEC official, just before their IPO.

Dapper labs, the NFT devs behind NBA Top Shot, is now worth $2.6B after the last round raise of $305M from a16z and Michael Jordan.

Tesla has contributed to an open-source project on Bitcoin development today.

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