POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (March 27)

Bitcoin & ETH rebound after the large options positions expired, both up +6% to $54600 & $1690. With a rolling correlation of 0.92 with the US stock market, Bitcoin most likely enjoyed a bit of window dressing into month+quarter end as well.

WABI +38%, HOT +31%, OXT +28%, BQX +18%, OGN +16%, and the rest follow, ANT -10% standout on downside in Pokket universe.

Soros Fund Management CIO was talking sweet about Bitcoin saying it’s at an ‘inflection point’ due to increased money supply in the US.

The Weeknd is teasing a new song on twitter to be released as an NFT.

FTX has reached new naming rights with Miami-Dade county to rename the home of Miami Heat to ‘FTX Arena’.

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