POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (March 19)

Bitcoin & ETH are both softer -3.5%, trading $57k & $1765. Movers are NMR +29%, 13%, ADX +12%, CHZ +11%, OST -10% in Pokket universe.

Jerrrrrome Powell spoke at a virtual payments conference ystdy, saying CBDCs ‘need to coexist with cash’.

NFT buzz continues as Gibraltar commisions Coinsilium to issue postage stamps exclusive to NFT only. NFT marketplace startup OpenSea has raised $23M for its series-A round led by a16z. Lastly, almost as a sign to bubble top, Lindsay Lohan is releasing an NFT collection on Tron, working closely with Justin Sun.

Defi TVL at $44.4B, with the top three controlling 42% (Maker, Compound, Aave).

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