POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (March 17)

Bitcoin & ETH mixed but steady, with BTC +3.5% to $56500 and ETH +1.5% to $1780. Movers are BAT +37%, SNM +28%, APPC +22%, RLC +19%, MTH TRU +16%, POLY AST 1INCH +13%, SOC -14%, MANA OGN -12% in Pokket universe.

NFT craze has hit mainstream, with a viral Trump video now going on NFT, Mayer Suarez’s colleague minting Burning Man NFTs and Ja Rule selling Fyre Festival NFTs. Of course Tron has to announce something so they are creating the TRC-721 spec for NFT standard.

The latest boomer to swallow the red pill is Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital, reversing his 2017 stance on Bitcoin.

Coinbase Pro is adding support for Cardano’s ADA.

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