POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (March 13)

Bitcoin shaking off Binance FUD as it looks mostly flat at $57300. ETH is softer -3.5% trading $1760. Movers are CHZ +91%, SOC +85%, DENT MANA +21%, ANT ENJ +18%, AST +16%, BRD -10% and rest are mostly lower in Pokket universe.

Number of active Bitcoin addresses still remains high and near the peak of Dec17, although there are more institutional wallets this time around.

Another old man yells at the cloud, this time Man Group’s CEO saying Bitcoin is a trading instrument and not a thing for long term asset allocation play.

Latest with XRP, Ripple execs move to deny SEC access to their personal bank records.

DeFi TVL sits at $42B, overall unchanged.

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