POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 9)

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Bitcoin is a touch softer but basically flat at -1% to $46.3k, ETH is looking better +2.5% to $3510. Movers are IOST +38%, CELR +29%, POLY +12%, FTM +10%, LRC +8%.

All the buzz has been around Brian Armstrong’s twitter thread on the SEC threatening to sue Coinbase if they launch their planned lending program, similar to BlockFi — Mark Cuban got vocal and suggested Coinbase sues the SEC for lack of transparency and straight hypocrisy.

Alan Howard backed private equity firm 10T Holdings raised $750M for its first fund to invest in cryptocurrency companies, with about 80% already earmarked to date.

A bug on OpenSea destroyed about $100k worth of ENS NFTs, due to a mixup on the transfer page which affected ERC721 tokens.

Macquarie Group and Blockstream has partnered to pilot a US-based mining facility powered by renewable energy.

ZEBEDEE has raised $11.5M in series-A funding to expand its BTC gaming initiatives, one of which is to pay out BTC rewards to Counter-Strike players.

Steve Harvey is the new face of Solana’s NFT boom, as he changes his twitter profile pic to a Solana Monkey Business NFT.

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