POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 8)

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Crypto is correcting as a whole, BTC is -10% to $47k, ETH is -12% to $3440. Movers are SXP -29%, DODO -28%, AKRO BZRX OGN ALICE -25%, LIT ALICE POND GTO DENT LINA REEF TRU CHR -24%, and rest of the list continues much the same, only ones up are AST +30%, FET +15%.

The week looks to have played out with ‘buy the rumor, sell the news’ as the much anticipated El Salvador launch of Bitcoin as legal tender started over night.

Tether minted $1B USDT two days ago which helped the pamp but sadly the gains Bitcoin made were evaporated. Other coins have faired worse, such as ADA -20% as Cardano is taking heat from the community with questions regarding the platform’s ability to handle smart contracts. BNB is off 16%, DOGE and Polkadot are -18%, although SOL is +8% and has added +62% over the past week.

Steph Curry has joined Tom Brady in becoming FTX’s global ambassador.

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