POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 7)

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Bitcoin is inching up +1% to $52.4k, ETH is still trying to break the $4k barrier looking flat overnight. Movers are CND +21%, FET +18%, INJ FTM +15%, MTH +12%, APPC -8%.

A twitter campaign, from the likes of Michael Saylor and r/Bitcoin, urges believers in Bitcoin to buy ahead of the launch of El Salvador’s official use of BTC as currency starting today. Citizens of El Salvador who signed up for the state sponsored crypto wallet Chivo will be eligible for an airdrop of $30 worth in Bitcoin.

PleasrDAO’s fractionalised DOG NFT is now worth $335M, 15% of the makret cap of DOGE itself.

A project with NFTs of random numbers called ‘The N Project’ hit $40M market cap, literally lists with numbers from 0~14 printed in serif font limited to 8,888 copies.

FTX saw a massive uptick in NFT submissions for minting, but deemed it spam when pictures of fish littered the marketplace — the cost for minting is now raised to $500.

Moody’s is now looking to hire crypto analysts to support research on DeFi, CBDCs, stablecoins, NFTs and other crypto-assets.

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