POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 6)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin ripped up, +3.9% to $51.7k, ETH is just shy of $4k, +1.6%. Movers are OMG +23%, FTM +16%, LINK FIS +10%, ANKR +9%, POLY =18%, POWR -17%, STMX -14%.

DeFi TVL has hit $100B according to defipulse.com, a first for the index.

Art Blocks has done $120M in volume over the past 7d, while CryptoPunks and BAYC has seen $61M.

DeFi insurance protocol Cover announced it will gracefully shut down after its core devs left the project, and after an infinite minting hack back in December 2020 which drowned the protocol and crashed its token by 96%.

Binance Singapore has announced limitations to Singaporean customers, delisting vs. SGD and payment on the app, after the country’s central bank placed the exchange on an Investor Alert List and instructed Binance to hault marketing to new clients.

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