POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 5)

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Bitcoin is flat at just around $50k, ETH is softer -1.8% to $3890. Movers are STMX +37%, POWR +32%, IOST +26%, PNT +25%, MATIC +18%, STORJ +16%, POLY +15%, EVX +14%, AXS +13%, OAX +12%, REEF +10%, no standouts on downside.

Just when things looked to have cooled off for CryptoPunks, another one goes to sell for $3.9M over the weekend.

Despite being 48hrs old, $AGLD is getting hyped on the back of Loot, the latest NFT craze as many projects try to ride the ‘loot-verse’ fantasy — brought to you by FTX+SBF.

BAYC artist is now building a community of NFT vampires called the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate with only 8,888 being minted.

More ETH has been burned than minted in the past 24hrs, with roughly $0.5B burned since EIP-1559 kicked off.

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